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Automotion Car Show Wisconsin Dells 2021!

Automotion Car Show Wisconsin Dells 2021!

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Automotion Wisconsin Dells 2021!

35th annual classic car show – Automotion 2021

If you enjoy discussing the differences between what makes a car an antique car, a vintage car and a classic car, you have likely attend or participated in car shows.  Do you own a muscle car?  Enjoy drooling over other people’s muscle cars?  Come join the conversation about cars and fun in the 35th annual Automotion Classic car show in Wisconsin Dells!  

When is Automotion in Wisconsin Dells? May 22 – 23.  Every year this car show receives many new attendees in addition to people who come year after year!  You only need to attend Automotion classic car show once to know why there are so many who attend year after year.

This classic car show has music, food, car corral, swap meet and awards presentation.  New for 2021, is a special appearance by Greg and Leah from Greg’s Speed shop! Greg’s Speed Shop offers complete vintage vehicle repair and restoration services and has been called a “candy shop for Hot Rodders & car people.” Check out their new touring rig and “The Joker.” They will be selling merchandise all weekend long! 

Wisconsin Dells has a population of just over 2800 people.  That number grows into the tens of thousands of people for Automotion and the classic car show.  Come and join the fun May 22 and May 23 as the sound of revving engines and smell of testosterone fills the air in Wisconsin Dells! 


We are excited to see you May 22 and May 23 for the Automotion Classic car show in Wisconsin Dells!

Do you plan to attend Automotion?  Please comment on our WisDellsDeals Facebook page and tell us if you are planning to attend and please show us pictures of your cars! That’s Facebook.com/WisDellsDeals. Follow us at WisDellsDeals.com to find “YOUR FUN” in Wisconsin Dells. I hope to see you visit the Dells soon. 

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