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Reason #678 to Visit Wisconsin Dells: A Vegas type show in Wisconsin!

Reason #678 to Visit Wisconsin Dells: A Vegas type show in Wisconsin!

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The Rick Wilcox Show

The Rick Wilcox show is a magic show, comedy show, and illusion show located in Wisconsin Dells.  The acts within the show feature Rick and Suzan Wilcox, a husband and wife team who have a very real chemistry between them on and off the stage.  The comedy will make you chuckle; potentially laugh right out loud, with just a slight chance of a groan.

Question and Answer Session

We recently had the opportunity to see the show.  We witnessed doves appearing out of nowhere – The Wilcox’s said in the question and answer session after the show, they own 14 doves and one of them, born during Covid, made their debut appearance with us Saturday night!  We sat mesmerized as Susan vanished and reappeared, squeezed herself into various boxes that had swords go through them, were pulled apart and put back together, and more!  Some tricks had revealed Suzan and Rick had changed places, in the blink of an eye!   The audience participation – which only included participation from our seats due to pandemic precautions – made me feel like Rick and Suzan had come to perform just for us at times!  Before you know it, the show is ending and it felt like we had just sat down; in between there, we sat magically mesmerized.  Entertained.  The rest of the world forgotten. 


The Magic, Comedy and Illusions

The magic, comedy and illusions of the Rick Wilcox show are as top notch as what you might find in Las Vegas, New York or Branson.  However, you need not fly anywhere for this show.  It is available to you, and your family and friends, all year long in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.   Just a short drive away!


So Much More To Do

While Wisconsin Dells is known as the waterpark capital of the world, there is so much more to do in Wisconsin Dells!  Mark this item down on your to do list of things to do while in Wisconsin Dells as either a date night, or a family friendly evening out.  I highly recommend it for either!  I also can’t wait for you to watch the show for yourself and be completely entertained!  Go buy your tickets today!


Things to do in Wisconsin Dells

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