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Rick Wilcox Show Wisconsin Dells

Rick Wilcox Show Wisconsin Dells

We all want to be entertained.  We like to be entertained.  What entertains us can vary with each person.  Some things can entertain all of us, universally.  Magic, comedy and illusions have the ability to entertain all of us.  We recently got the opportunity to see the Rick Wilcox show in Wisconsin Dells.  I had seen the show before, years ago when my (now college aged children) were young.  To think that I did not need to go back again since my children are now older was a mistake.  My recent date night with my significant other was dinner and the Rick Wilcox show in Wisconsin Dells, and it was perfect!  This family friendly show is a must see in Wisconsin Dells.  Let me tell you why you need to go, regardless of your age or the age of your children.

Want to be Entertained?

Rick Wilcox Show Wisconsin Dells

The Rick Wilcox show is a magic show, comedy show, and illusion show.  The acts within the show feature Rick and Suzan Wilcox, a husband and wife team who have a very real chemistry between them on and off the stage.  The comedy will make you chuckle; potentially laugh right out loud, with just a slight chance of a groan.  The idea of a magic trick versus illusion got me to thinking, how are they different?  I looked up the definitions on line through https://www.merriam-webster.com.  Here is what I found: Definition of magic: the art of producing illusions by sleight of hand.  Whereas the definition of illusion:  a misleading image presented to the vision: optical illusion; or, something that deceives or misleads intellectually.  I would have a hard time telling you exactly which tricks are illusion and which ones are magic…they all just mesmerized me!  It turns out; Rick and Suzan Wilcox are extremely good at both!

Rick Wilcox Magic Show #1 in Wisconsin Dells


Upon arriving at our seats, each guest had four cards at your reserved seat from a deck of cards.  In one of the tricks, Rick walked us through the magic of our very own card trick.  That’s right, each member of the audience was able to do a magic trick with Rick’s help!  The magic came right through Rick to us! That was so cool!  We witnessed doves appearing out of nowhere – The Wilcox’s said in the question and answer session after the show, they own 14 doves and one of them, born during Covid, made their debut appearance with us Saturday night!  We sat mesmerized as Susan vanished and reappeared, squeezed herself into various boxes that had swords go through them, were pulled apart and put back together, and more!  Some tricks had revealed Suzan and Rick had changed places, in the blink of an eye!   The audience participation – which only included participation from our seats due to pandemic precautions – made me feel like Rick and Suzan had come to perform just for us at times!  Before you know it, the show is ending and it felt like we had just sat down.


The Rick Wilcox show was a little over an hour of pure entertainment.  A stitch in time in which I never looked at my watch, never thought about the to-do list, or any other stressors in my life.  When was the last time that happened?  When was the last time you could give in to pure entertainment that let you forget the rest of your world?  If you are in need of this as much as I was, book your tickets today to the next Rick Wilcox show.  They gave us some teasers of new things coming this May and again in summer.  The show is always changing, so even if you have been before, there is something new to see and delight you.


In Wisconsin Dells, as in other places in the world, things are beginning to open back up. The waterpark capital of the world is slowly coming back to life.  The Rick Wilcox show is open with Covid safety rules in place.  Guests are spaced every other row with empty seats between parties.



The magic, comedy and illusions of the Rick Wilcox show were something out of Las Vegas.  However, you need not fly to Las Vegas for this show.  It is available to you, and your family and friends, all year long in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.   Rick Wilcox skill for sleight of hand is more famous than Wisconsin Dells however…..he recently appears on the television show Penn and Teller!  But did he fool Penn and Teller?  Rick and Suzan smiled and said they could not tell us!  But you can watch for yourselves, this Friday night, April 16, 2021.  Here is a link to more information about the show: https://cwdetroit.cbslocal.com/2021/04/10/penn-teller-double-down-penn-teller-fool-us/amp/.  I look forward to watching myself to see if Rick fooled the famous magicians.  Based on what I watched Saturday night, my guess is he fooled them!  I can’t wait to find out if I am right! 

While Wisconsin Dells is known as the waterpark capital of the world, there is so much more to do in Wisconsin Dells!  Mark this item down on your to do list of things to do while in Wisconsin Dells as either a date night, or a family friendly evening out.  I highly recommend it for either!  I also can’t wait for you to watch the show for yourself and be completely entertained!  Go buy your tickets today!

Rick Wilcox Magic Show #1 in Wisconsin Dells