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Wizard Quest Characters

Wizard Quest Characters

Wizard Quest Characters; a family friendly premiere attraction in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Just behind me is Downtown Wisconsin Dells. The Dells is known for many Premiere attractions. This premiere attraction called Wizard Quest in Wisconsin Dells has you stepping from the outside world of Downtown Wisconsin Dells into a world unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Once you enter this labyrinth escape room concept where you solve riddles to free and freeze wizards, you will meet characters unlike anything you have ever seen. Unlike most escape rooms, This attraction has you wishing you could spend more time. 

Wizard Quest is soon to be bigger and better!  In addition to the larger size and longer time frame in the attraction, you will also meet many new characters who reside in the new facility.  The new characters are life like, larger than life, and range from crustaceans to dragons, insects to fairies and just about everything in between. And don’t forget the Wizards! 

We were able to interview Kevin and Corinna in the new Wizard Quest location next to a full sized, life like cricket, type character, who seemed to look down upon us during the entire interview.  The look on this insects face made us think he didn’t approve of some of our questions in the interview.  But we later learned there is something else on this guys mind.  Come to Wizard Quests new location to find up what has this rather large insect a bit upset.  Maybe you can help him? 


In this interview, Rick and Corinna reveal the story behind the creation of the characters, the hierarchy of the vast array of Wizards and other characters in Wizard Quest, as well as giving us a behind the scenes tour of the new facility still under construction.   We are excited to share this interview with you.  

We look forward to seeing you in Wisconsin Dells at Wizard Quest! 

Wisconsin Dells is known for.. Where memories are Made. We hope we can help you explore some new Experiences and find Your FUN in Wisconsin Dells 

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